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Technology Manual for Law Students

Course Availability

Courses will be available to registered students at a pre-defined date before the beginning of the semester.  Note: faculty are able to make their courses available to the learners enrolled in their courses up to two weeks prior to the first day of the semester. 

Send an Email

When you send email from your course, all recipients will receive it in their UDC email accounts, such as Replies go to your UDC email account, not to the course.

Blackboard keeps no record of sent or received emails. Keep a copy of important messages in your inbox in case you need them later.

You can send email to these users or groups in a course:

  • All Users: Sends email to all users in the course.
  • All Groups: Sends email to all of the groups in a specified course.
  • All Teaching Assistant Users: Sends email to all of the Teaching Assistants in a specified course.
  • All Student Users: Sends an email to all students in the course.
  • All Instructor Users: Sends email to all individuals designated as instructors for a specified course.
  • Select Users: Sends email to select users.
  • Select Groups: Sends email to select groups.

Don't send email through Blackboard Learn without a subject line. A blank subject line blank can prevent the message from being delivered.

To Send an Email:

Find the email tool for all of your courses through the Tools panel on the My Institution tab. As an instructor, you can also add a link to the email tool directly to the course menu.

  1. From the course menu, select Tools > Send Email.
  2. On the Select Users or Select Groups page, select the recipients in the Available to Select box and select the right-pointing arrow to move them into the Selected box. Use the left arrow to move a user out of the recipient list. Select Invert Selection and the selected users are no longer highlighted and those users that weren't selected will be highlighted.

    To select multiple users in a list on a Windows machine, press the Shift key and select the first and last users. To select users out of sequence, press the Ctrl key and select each user needed. For Macs, use the Command key instead of the Ctrl key. You can also use the Select All function to send an email to all users.

  3. Type your Subject and Message.
  4. Select Attach a File to browse for files from your computer. You can attach multiple files. After you add one file, the option to attach another file appears.
  5. Select Submit.

The system will send you a copy of the message. A receipt page appears after the message is sent listing all recipients. This page doesn't confirm that users received the message, just that the message was sent.

Discussion Boards

The Discussion Board is an area where professor (moderator) and student (participant) comments are organized into an asynchronous conversation. Professors can create discussions around individual course lessons or for the course in general. Conversations are organized within a topic forum as threads that contain a main posting and all corresponding replies.

Please click on the tutorial links below for assistance using Blackboard discussions and forums: