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Technology Manual for Law Students


A Blackboard Collaborate button has been added to all Spring 2020 courses. You will find it in the menu on the left side of the page. Faculty must turn it on to make it visible to students.

Course Room

The course room is an open session dedicated to your course.

Instructors don't have to be present for students to join the session. However, those who do not want students to join a session unsupervised can lock the course room and create scheduled sessions.

Join Session

To join a session:

1. Navigate to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Scheduler from the Course Tools or the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tab.

2. From the Scheduler, select the session you want to join.

3. Select Join session.

Share Presentations and Documents

Moderators and presenters can upload certain types of content or share the desktop screen with participants. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra performs best in Google Chrome. Moderators and presenters must have the Chrome extension installed for desktop and app sharing to function within the browser.

Sharing Files

  • Upload GIF, JPEG and PNG images, PDF files, or PowerPoint presentations to your session.
  • Select Add Files Here or drag a file into the box to upload it. Click Share Now when ready for participants to see the file.

Sharing Whiteboard:

  • Collaborate with your students using the whiteboard. Open a blank whiteboard to draw or just jot down notes.

Sharing Applications:

  • Share your desktop or a software application to teach students about a particular topic. Whenever you move through the application or desktop, your students automatically follow along.

Sharing PowerPoint:

  • Select Share Files when using PowerPoint presentations of 60MB or lower. This gives you and your participants the best experience.
    • Upload your PowerPoint and click Share Now
    • A slide navigator panel opens showing you all of your slides. 
    • Select a slide to start sharing it. Click the presentation name to open the slide navigator panel again at any time.
  • TIP: Use Share Application, if your presentation has animations. Choose Entire Screen or make sure your presentation is in Present mode before sharing it as an application.