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Technology Manual for Law Faculty and Staff

My Media Introduction

The Kaltura My Media feature offers several ways you can upload media directly to your Blackboard course. The My Media page serves as a private video gallery where you may upload, record, and manage your media content. First, you load media into your Blackboard My Media page where you can edit if you want. Once a media file resides in your My Media, it can be linked to your course and shared with the other instructors and TAs so they may use it within your course.

Kaltura can be used to embed quiz questions at various points in recorded lectures to ensure students are 1) engaged and 2) viewing the entire video. More instructions about how to create a video quiz can be found in the Assignments, Quizzes, and Tests section of this guide by clicking here.

Recording a Lecture

If you have not yet installed Kaltura Capture on your computer, follow these instructions for installing on a Mac or PC.

Once installed, you can record with Kaltura Capture as follows --

1. Navigate to Kaltura My Media or Media Gallery in Canvas, or to MediaSpace.

2. Click "Add New" and choose "Kaltura Capture".

3. Click "Allow" to allow the browser to launch the app.

Kaltura Capture will launch from your computer.

4. Set your recording settings.

Here are instructions for setting the recording settings.

5. Launch Powerpoint on your computer, or launch other media you want to record.

Make sure to set your screen up the way you want it to be before starting your recording. Minimize or close email, expand window you are filming fully, etc.

6. Hit the red, round "Record" button on the Kaltura Capture control panel.

A short countdown will begin

During the countdown expand Powerpoint or your other media to fill your entire screen.

Don't worry if the recording starts before you make your media full screen, or if you do not start your narration right when the countdown ends. You can edit the video later.

7. Click the small horizontal "dash" in the upper right corner of the Kaltura Capture control panel to hide it.

Everything on screen will be visible in the video you record, including the Kaltura Capture control panel. If you don't want to include it, click the dash in the upper-right corner to minimize it.

8. Now that the recording is in progress and your screen is set up, give your presentation

Advance your slides and speak as you normally would. Everything on your screen is being recorded, including your mouse movements, and any applications or other onscreen objects that you interact with.

Note: videos that you play on screen will not record well in Kaltura Capture, because the audio will not be recorded and image quality will suffer. We recommend posting additional videos separately from the recordings you make with Kaltura Capture.

9. Exit the Presentation

When you're done presenting, hit the "escape" key on your keyboard to exit full screen mode (if you are in PowerPoint).

If you minimized the Kaltura Capture control panel during your recording it will be in your Tray (PC) or dock (Mac). The tray and dock are the list of icons usually arranged at the bottom of the screen.

Look in the tray or dock for the Kaltura Capture icon (shown below). Click the icon to access the Kaltura Capture control panel.

To pause the recording, click the round red button with the "

To fully stop the recording, click the white square, and click the confirmation that appears

To cancel and discard the recording click the gray "X".

10. Once finished, if you kept your recording, name and tag it.

RECOMMENDATION: Change the name of your recording to something that is meaningful to you and specific to the video. This will allow you to search for and find the recording in Kaltura My Media later.

The Description and Tags fields are optional, but can help you categorize your videos to aid in search. Depending on how you share your videos with others the name and description may be visible to them.

11. Click save and upload to save your recording to Kaltura My Media.

Note: in order to share your video with others or to edit it with the Kaltura Video Editor, you must first upload it. To do that click "Save & Upload".

Note: if you want to save the file locally on your computer, but NOT upload it, click "Save".

Adding New Media to Blackboard

  • Access the My Media module from your Blackboard home page.

myMedia screenshot

  • To upload new media to from your desktop, select Media Upload from the Add New dropdown menu.
  • Select Choose a file to upload.
  • In the Select file to upload window, browse your computer for the desired media file, select it and click Open.
  • While the file is uploading, on the Upload Media page, you can enter descriptive details about the media then and click Save
    • Please note that you will not be able to publish the media to your Blackboard course at this point until you first click Save.
    • To publish the media to your course, click Published. In Publish in Gallery section, select your course and click Save.
  • Once the media has uploaded successfully, click the Go to My Media link to view the video/ media. Please note that depending on the size of your media it may take several minutes for the media to process.

myMedia upload screenshot

Editing Media

  • On your My Media page, click Edit for the media you want to edit.

myMedia Edit option


My Media Launch Editor screenshot

In the Edit Media window, you can:

  • Edit information about the media.
  • Choose clipping options and set comments permissions.
  • Upload and manage your closed caption (if applicable).
  • Select a frame to use as the media thumbnail, such as when the media is included in a gallery.
  • Trim your video (via Launch Editor link).
  • Create a quiz within the media (via Launch Editor link).


Linking Media in Course Site

Before you begin, make sure the Edit Mode is ON. Edit Mode ON screenshot

  • Click Course Content, Learning Module, or Folder.
  • On the action bar, hover over Build Content to access the drop-down list
  • Select Item.
  • Type Name.
  • In the Text Editor section, click the Mashups drop-down (Please note: If you do not see the Mashups tool, click the “Show More” button).
  •  Select Kaltura Media.

Text Editor Show More menu

Kaltura Mashup Screenshot

  • Click the Select button that corresponds to the video you want to place into your post .

Kaltura Select Media screenshot