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Law Library Programs

Program Descriptions

Take a Break at the Library

Take a Break at the Library is the Law Library's standing wellness program, offered every other Tuesday in the Law Library on the 7th floor of Building 71. As law students, it can become second nature to be constantly working and begin to feel overwhelmed. It is important to take care of yourself throughout your time at Law School, and that includes your mental health. Taking small breaks during your studies can actually improve your productivity and keep you fresh.

Come join us and take a 5/10/15 minute break while you learn to crochet, knit, play a game, fold origami, and more. All activities are designed to take less than 15 minutes and materials will always be provided. Information on the next Take a Break event will be posted around the library, on the front page of the library website (bottom left), and here! Click on the Take a Break at the Library tab to the left for more information.

If you have an idea or suggestion for this series please email

Resource Chats

Resource Chats is the Law Library's new program focused on showing students where they can access library resources through our website. This will be a bimonthly event - offset with the Take a Break program - that will explore new resources each session. All sessions will be hosted on Zoom and will be recorded and posted for those who cannot make it.

Join by going to the Resource Chats tab to the left and clicking on the Zoom link! See you then!

If you have an idea for this series, a question, or a comment, please email