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Library Services

General Public

The Mason Law Library serves the education and research needs of its students, faculty, staff, and members of the public. Non-UDC patrons with research needs may use the library's print collection and some electronic resources within the library, providing use does not conflict with its primary responsibility to members of the UDC community. Public hours may change during holidays and exam periods. Visitors should check our website ( for the most current schedule.


Reference Assistance

Reference assistance is available to the public during the hours specified on our website. This assistance includes:

* Help locating legal information through freely available online sources, like federal and state government websites, Google Scholar, and others.

* Guidance with locating and retrieving materials in the library’s print collection.

* Assistance with identifying and accessing available online resources to meet specific research needs

Reference staff are unable to provide any type of legal advice to library users. This policy is not only for the protection of our users, but also providing such advice violates the rules and laws governing the practice of law.


Access to Online Resources

Many resources of the UDC Law and Main Campus Library are available to individuals not affiliated with UDC. Patrons visiting the Law Library who are connected to the UDC Guest Wireless network may utilize many of the electronic resources available through both the Law Library's database list, as well as the UDC Library’s database list. Instructions on how to connect to the UDC Guest Wi-Fi network can be requested from the Reference Desk. Library staff cannot provide technical assistance with connecting to the network. Per our subscriber agreements, staff are not permitted to make material from Westlaw and Lexis available to the public in printed or electronic form.


Behavior Guidelines

All patrons are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Behavior that violates this policy will result in intervention by staff. Such behavior includes but is not limited to:

1. Interfering with another person’s ability to use the facilities or services or with Library employees’ performance of their duties. Interference includes behavior that is deliberately intrusive, intimidating, hostile, or offensive, or that demands the attention or monopolizes the time of a staff member.

2. Damaging, mutilating, or removing from the premises without authorization any part of the library collection, building, furnishings, equipment, or supplies, or using any of the same in a manner that is inconsistent with customary use.

3. Altering any computer system hardware or software configurations.

4. Making excessive noise, using a phone or playing audio equipment so others can hear it.

5. Using abusive or threatening language.

6. Using matches, lighters, or other means of ignition, illegal substances or alcoholic beverages on Library premises. Smoking is not permitted in the building or within 25 feet of the building entrances, including the use of electronic cigarettes or other smoking-simulation devices.

7. Entering the Library without a shirt or other appropriate covering on the body or without shoes or other footwear.

8. Creating a nuisance to other patrons or staff with offensive bodily hygiene or use of scented products.

9. Sleeping in the Library.

10. Leaving personal belongings unattended.

11. Using the building’s restrooms inappropriately. Restrooms may not be used as laundry facilities, bathing facilities, or gathering places.

12. Bringing any animal into the Library, other than a registered service animal, or as approved for participation in Library-sanctioned activities.

13. Soliciting or panhandling on Library premises.

14. Engaging in any illegal act or conduct in violation of Federal, State, or local law, ordinance or regulation.

15. Disregarding the reasonable direction of a Library staff member. Patrons may not remain in the library past regular operating hours or when circumstances dictate evacuation, e.g. power failure, fire, threatening weather, or similar situation.

16. Being present in Library offices, lounges, storage areas, or other non-public areas while unaccompanied by a Library staff member or without prior agreement with Library management.

17. Any and all other behavior that is contrary to the intended purposes of the Library.


Library staff may address any of these behaviors in the following ways:

1. Verbal warning to cease the behavior or actions

2. Written warning to cease and/or not to repeat behavior or actions

3. Directing the patron to leave the premises

4. Involving the police

The Library is not necessarily required to go through the entire intervention process. Intervention may begin at any step, including immediate involvement of the police, depending upon the severity of the incident or behavior.

Extreme or repeated violation of this policy may result in a suspension of Library privileges

Please click the link here to view our general library policies.


Reference Services

Librarians are available to assist with legal research questions during library’s Reference hours. You are welcome to visit or call the Reference desk during posted hours or schedule an appointment with a librarian for assistance.


Clinic Resources in the Library


Law Library Databases

  • How to access Law Library databases on campusClick the link here to access the A-Z Database list. From there, you can search for a database, or access an alphabetical list of databases.
  • How to access LRD databases off campusDue to strict licensing agreements, most of the library's electronic databases and journals are available off-campus only to current UDC Law students, faculty, and staff. When you go through the law library website to access an online resource from off-campus, you will be asked to authenticate in using your last name (username) and University (N) number (password).  If you have difficulty authenticating, please email


UDC Learning Resource Division’s (LRD) Databases

  • How to access LRD databases on campus – Go to the Learning Resource Division’s website. From there you can search for a database, or access an alphabetical or a subject list of databases.
  • How to access LRD databases off-campus – Due to strict licensing agreements, most of the library's electronic databases and journals are available off-campus only to current UDC students, faculty, and staff. When you go through the library website to access an online resource from off-campus, you will be asked to identify yourself as a UDC student, faculty or staff member by logging in to the UDC authentication system (same as accessing your MyUDC account). If library patrons have difficulty logging in through the UDC authentication system to access library resources, they will need to contact the UDC Office of Information Systems and Management. The library is unable to address issues with the UDC authentication system.


Instructional Support

  • Research lectures & tutorials
  • Request articles, books, cases
  • Exam distribution
  • Course management training
  • Plagiarism check tools
  • Course reserves


Research Services

  • Request articles, books, cases
  • Training for research assistants
  • Alert services
  • SSRN, eXpresso, and Scholastica access


Policies and Guidelines

Training & Lectures

  • Submit requests to
  • Conditional on librarian availability
  • Scheduled minimum of 2 weeks in advance
  • Must provide course materials relevant to the lecture topic

Research/Material Requests/Alert Assistance

  • Submit to
  • Provide clear and complete request, preferred contact method for any follow-up questions
  • If requested materials are readily available on Westlaw or Lexis, hyperlinks will be provided
  • Librarians do not provide cite checking or proofreading services
  • Due to copyright restrictions, library staff will not scan large portions of print material
  • Allow 24 hours for a response if submitted during the work week, requests on weekends and holidays will take longer to fulfill

Exam Distribution

  • Send an email to to coordinate drop-off
  • Exams will only be distributed, not collected – instructors should keep a copy of originals if needed
  • Packets must be complete and in order by exam number – librarians do not collate or compile answer keys with exams
  • Instructors should notify students exams are available AFTER the library has received the exams

Course Management Support

  • Submit requests for assistance with technical issues/training to
  • Library provides training and informational resources to help instructors:
    • Create new course sites
    • Reuse old course sites
    • Enroll/unenroll students
    • Contact students through course site via email/announcements
    • Manage course site content
    • Link to lecture videos
  • Due to copyright restrictions, library staff will not scan materials for inclusion on course sites 

Plagiarism Check Tools

  • Contact for available options and requirements
  • Allow 24 hours for a response if submitted during the work week, inquiries on weekends and holidays may take longer

Course Reserves

  • Request via in advance of the first day of classes
  • Conditional on item availability
  • If the item is a personal copy, copyright restrictions should be noted in writing and attached to the item when placed on reserve

SSRN/Scholastica/eXpresso (publication repositories/submission tools)

  • Submit requests for access and instructions on submitting articles, creating/updating profiles, etc. to