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District of Columbia Research Guide

Statutes and Legislation

Print Sources:

District of Columbia Statutes at Large: KFD 1225.A23 (1975-1986)

DC Official Code: KFD 1230 2001.A22   (2001 ed.)

DC Code Annotated: KFD 1230 1981.A22  Lexis (1981 ed.)

Online Sources:

  • HeinOnline also has a historical archive of state statutes.


Daily Washington Law Reporter (DWLR) KFD 1247.W37. (Coverage from 1880 to the present). Online access is also available through HeinOnline, with coverage from 1874-1963.

District of Columbia Local and Federal Cases (Westlaw)

District of Columbia State and Federal Dockets (Westlaw)


HeinOnline  - D.C. Historical Reports

Legislative History

Code of the District of Columbia. 1929 ed. KFD30 1929 D47. Contains a historical section of pre-1929 laws.

District of Columbia Statutes-at-Large. KFD1225.A23  Includes D.C. Council Resolutions and Mayor's Orders. Coverage is from 1975-1986.

D.C. Official Code. KFD1230 2001.A22  Kept up to date by pocket parts, replacement volumes and advance legislative service.

D.C. Register KFD1234.A22. Print volumes are from 1971-2009). Electronic access available here 

D.C. Council's Legislative Information Management System (LIMS). The LIMS system provides the public with a free source to search the status of legislation. There are basic and advanced search options and among the items avalable are bills, resolutions and reports.