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District of Columbia Research Guide

The DCMR, American Law Reports, Law Journals and Books on DC Legal Research

The D.C. Municipal Regulations (DCMR) KFD1235 1983.A24, contains the District of Columbia rules and regulations. The DCMR is the official publication of current D.C. regulations, and is compiled by subject.  Prior to compilation in the DCMR, these regulations are published weekly in the District of Columbia Register (DCR)

The following are the main types of rules published in the DCMR:

  • Mayor's rules
  • Agency rules
  • Emergency rules - valid for 120 days and are adopted without public notice or pre-publication in the DCMR.

See the section on Executive Branch Documents for links on finding Mayor's Orders and Memoranda.

The Code of D.C. Municipal Regulations (Weil's Code), is the unofficial version of the DCMR. Included in this publication are the subject index, a regulation number index, and a table of authorities.

Other Titles:

D.C. Criminal Law and Procedure KFD1761.A29 D57

The Law of Evidence in D.C. KFD1740.G7222. This is also available online through Lexis.

Domestic Relations Manual for D.C. KFD1294.B74

Standardized Civil Jury Instructions for D.C. KFD1742.6 A65 B37 2002.

Wills, Trusts & Estates for the D.C. Practitioner KF755.W283

Legal Research in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. 2nd ed. Leah F. Chanin, Pamela J. Gregory and Sarah K. Wiant. KF240.C472

Westlaw Secondary Sources. Numerous local law reviews and journals are available via this link. Login is required.

Practice Manuals, etc.

Criminal Jury Instructions for the District of Columbia. 5th ed. Edited by Barbara E. Bergman. KFD1783.A65 C7522. This is a looseleaf publication, with annual updates.

Standardized Civil Jury Instructions for the District of Columbia. 2015 ed. Edited by Richard W. Stevens. KFD1742.6.A65 B37 2002

The District of Columbia Practice Manual​. 26th ed. KFD1281.D522

The Law of Evidence in the District of Columbia. 5th ed. Steffen W. Graae, Brian T. FitzPatrick and Henry F. Greene. KFD1740.G7222. Loose-leaf publication.

Trial Handbook for District of Columbia Lawyers. 2011 ed. Jacob A. Stein. KFD1738.S74

Wills, Trusts & Estates for the D.C. Practitioner KF755.W283