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Technology Manual for Law Faculty and Staff

Customize Course Menu

The default layout of the course menu is graphical buttons with text on them (see image below). To customize the menu, please follow the instructions below.

.Blackboard default side navigation menu


  1. In the Control Panel, expand the Customization section and select Teaching Style.
  2. On the Teaching Style page, in the Select Menu Style section, you determine whether the course menu appears as plain text with a colored background or as graphical buttons with text on them.
  • To change the course menu buttons to plain text with a colored background, select Text and choose the background color and text color by accessing the contextual menu to access the color swatches. Select a color and then select Apply. Then click Submit

 Blackboard course menu edited










  • To edit the color of the graphical menu button, select Buttons and expand the Button Library to choose from these options:
    • Button Type: From the menu, select PatternSolid, or Striped.
    • Button Shape: From the menu, select Rounded CornersRectangular, or Rounded Ends.
    • Button Color: Optionally, to narrow the available choices, type a color or button name and select Search

Once you customize your menu butting, click Submit